Jazz Word: 
“This view of Paradise isn’t the future of Jazz or even German improvised music. But with its utilization of past motifs coupled with contemporary thematic elaborations, it should be the sound of modern mainstream music – from any country.”

Jazz Podium:
Sophie Said not only introduces von der Goltz as a pianist; it almost exclusively features his own compositions … As an interpreter of his own works, von der Goltz is accredited with a high technical ability, an extremely finely differentiated dynamics, and a rich abundance in ideas. A highly convincing CD premiere.

Sophie Said is a thoroughly remarkable record … von der Goltz is a composer who understands how to give each of his pieces something very unique, letting each idea develop into a small microcosm of its own. Beautiful record and a thoroughly successful debut!

Piano News:
Sophie Said by the Christian von der Goltz Trio offers music in the tradition of the legendary Bill Evans, as we know it through the examples of Michel Petrucciani and others—a tradition which distinguishes itself through atmosphere, sensitivity, and that certain lyrical moment. …Besides Sophie Said, a smooth Latin number, there are two other piano solo pieces: Stardust and Prayer, which reminds one of Satie.

Sunny Moon:
“Trying to grasp a melody is about as easy as trying to remember a dream. Sometimes it happens quickly, and the piece can be played immediately—these are the strokes of luck.” The eleven compositions on Sophie Said by the Berlin pianist Christian von der Goltz are precisely these kinds of strokes of luck. Full of feeling, melancholy, swinging and uniquely played.

Cadence (New York):
A German pianist who has a little of Bill Evans, a little of Chick Corea, and a lot of himself in his playing. His compositions are the backbone of this album, but the delightful and pleasing execution of them is equally rewarding. While the playing of Goltz is certainly melodious, the inventive side of him is ever apparent. …The formula works exceedingly well and is well executed, resulting in a challenging selection with plenty of room for individuality. There is a breezy atmosphere created by this trio, and most of the songs perpetuate this feeling. … Goltz has woven a series of compositions into a solid recording that exalts the piano trio.

Audio Magazine Jazz-CD of the Month: Complicated Stories (With No End)
Many of the themes in Complicated Stories seem to have sprung from the moment. The majority are simple, but can’t be hummed to; they’re beautiful, but never kitsch. Fantastic music, fantastically recorded.

Fono Forum: Finely Spun Tales
These stories … are sophisticated, intelligent, and finely spun, and sometimes highly complex. And they all have an end. Ever since his trio debut Sophie Said (Mons Records), von der Goltz has been treating fans of modern lyrical piano jazz to a new trio CD every three years, all of which have met with high critical acclaim. Complicated Stories (With No End) consists entirely of his own songs; beautiful titles offer an initial taste of the music’s character, which oscillates between visually evocative and song-like, develops from the unique and often catchy themes and motifs, savors the melodies, and then plunges them into impressionistically colored harmonies in alternating rhythms, which extend from swing to groove to graceful, waltz-like jazz.