cvdg projekt: new CD „limbo“ has arrived. Record release concert on June 29th in Jazzclub A-trane.

The sextet „cvdg projekt“ got together in the early 90s to play the music of Mingus or Fats Waller, and then in between some free improvisation. And somehow that became our way of playing which was documented on our first CD „paradise“. Ken Waxman wrote about the record in Jazz Word: 

“This view of Paradise isn’t the future of Jazz or even German improvised music. But with its utilization of past motifs coupled with contemporary thematic elaborations, it should be the sound of modern mainstream music – from any country.”

So now, after a few years, our modern mainstream band, consisting of the fine musicians Henrik Walsdorff as; Rudi Mahall bcl; Martin Klingeberg tp and Euphonium; Christian von der Goltz p and composition; Jan Roder b; Kay Luebke d, proudly presents its second record „limbo“.

Recorded 24th and 25th of June 2021 with support from German Musikfonds, it will be released on Two Nineteen Records. Recorded by Tito Knapp at Zentrifuge Studio, mixed and mastered by Guy Sternberg, produced by Robert Hödicke.

Like on „paradise“, the first CD of the „cvdg projekt“, that came on the long list of „Deutsche Schallplattenkritik“ in 2016, composed tunes with harmonic patterns and traditional Jazz grooves alternate with free improvisations. I am very proud of having some of the greatest musicians I now in the band, and I think you can hear they dig the band and the concept, which could be easily translated into „play what you love the most“. Though the record can hardly be fit into any stylistic category, this may be more of a problem for the categories but for the music.